Bass fisherman are a strange creature, they complain on brilliant sunny days and rub their hands together with glee when the weather looks dreary and might rain.  They will try just about any lure no matter how strange it is, carries a thermometer and color gauge.  Usually though they are a skilled hunter and know their quarry inside and out.  Most are afraid to add up how much they have spent on lures and equipment because they will plop down almost any amount of money if they think it will catch bass.

Bass have a strong instinct for survival and depend heavily on their senses, sight, smell, and hearing.  Bass are nearsighted and will depend heavily on smell and sound for locating food, up close is another story, bass have extremely good close up vision and can scrutinize your poor bait to pieces.  Because of the position of the eyes bass have a very wide range of vision, front, back, side down and up.  Because of this when the water is clear and flat they can see above the water and are very easily spooked by the un-thinking fisherman.

Small non threatening noises even though an unfamiliar sounds to the bass can 
pique a bass's curiosity.  Surface lures such as the Jitterbug have been slaying 
bass for decades.  Two drawbacks to surface fishing are its addictive, its so invigorating that most anglers don't want to fish any other way,  and is confined normally to shallow water when the water is calm.  Sound type lures are extremely important to the bass fisherperson, especially in dark or muddy water.


Tired of reapplying scent to your worms, take the scent and pour it into your bag of worms (or use an old bowl if you would like) and nuke it in the microwave for about 10-20 seconds. Be careful, too long and they will melt.

Line Tips

Store line in a dark place under moderate temperatures.

While fishing, check your line often for nicks and abrasions by running the last several feet of line between your thumb and fingers.

Replace the line on each reel when it shows signs of wear. (Buying line in larger spools will avoid waste of excess line left on smaller spools.)

Always buy premium line. You get what you pay for! A couple of extra dollars now may save a lot of cursing later.

Do not expose line to chemicals such as gasoline, which may cause it to deteriorate.

Clip off several inches of line and retie to the lure frequently, especially when fishing heavy cover or catching fish or if a
knot appears in the line.

TB2 Tip
Lure Selection
Clear or Raining      Red or Blue Crank bait   Medium/Deep Diving
Muddy/Stained        Red or Black Crank bait   Medium/Deep Diving
Always set your reel speed to 5 and your drag at 3

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